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More than a Team

We take what we do very seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The SomethingInked Family is made up of a fun, crazy, wall breaking, tip-toe-to-the-line-and-maybe-hover-crossing-it-but-always-in-the-best-interest-of-our-friends-&-family group of individuals. All with a common goal to break the paradigm that is often associated with companies in our industry.

SomethingInked doesn’t have clients or customers... we have friends & family, and like most people, we will do anything to help our friends & family be successful.

Where we come from

A Message from Our Founder

When the guys at SomethingInked were asked about key points their response was:

Everything we do is key, it's how we have been able to survive as the underdog. The difference we provide is in the experience. We thrive in difficult situations, the harder the task the better we preform. We are not satisfied with just being your marketing department or your promotional provider we want to be your partner. Our success is built from every individual in our Something Inked family. We have all grown together, sacrificed together and overcome together. We have been built for one purpose and that is to prove that we can do it and do it better. The proof is in our commitment to service, In a commodities market its the only thing that isn't and that's what makes us better. We just want the opportunity to help so that we can show you. Therefore, We are here, waiting for the next impossible challenge and when it comes we will be grateful for the opportunity to prove ourselves. Because we are more and provide more than Something Inked.

After writing that I guess the Key points are:

  • Our commitment to
  • - Employees
  • - Family
  • - Friends
  • - Service
  • - And always asking ourselves how we can improve those commitments.

Sorry, it's late and I sent this from my phone.
Let me know if I need to shorten it up or add something.
I'm sure we should also list everything we can do but it's easier to say we do it all and there is nothing we can't do.

Now I'm rambling. See you in the morning."

Oliver Landry
Founder, President, CEO
SomethingInked LLC

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Interested in working with us? We are quickly expanding and looking for self motivated and responsible people to join the SomethingInked team.