Marketing Campaign

Viewmaster Marketing

The Project

To announce and engage SomethingInked prospects about the launch of our new services. We needed to come up with a promotion and custom packaging that was sure to “wow” our buyers.

The Challenge

The branded product industry is inundated with free gifts sent to prospects that often get discarded or stored away. SomethingInked wanted to cut through the clutter and make our future customers smile. We needed to create a fun, eye-catching novelty that would connect with our customers while also allowing for an engaging follow-up conversation.

Viewmaster Marketing Campaign

The Product

We got our creative juices going and came up with a unique sales idea – promote SomethingNew with SomethingOld via custom SomethingInked Viewmasters! The Viewmaster was created with individual reels, labeled Scene 1 and Scene 2 and packaged in an eye-catching custom box. Potential buyers would be greeted with a welcome letter encouraging them to hold onto their new gift as additional Scenes would be sent their way.

The Results

We successfully achieved our goal by partnering with proven suppliers who would understand the quality level required for this project. Recipients were blown away by this mailing. The response was fantastic. It’s completely engaging and captures the essence of our company. It is definitely “a keeper.”

The further engage our prospective customers, SomethingInked art team designed a digital Viewmaster Video that could be shared to the masses in our monthly newsletter showcasing our new services. The video was designed as if you were viewing through an actual Viewmaster, thus turning SomethingOld into SomethingNew.

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